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Arlin Cuncic

Social Anxiety Disorder October 2007 Archive


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Managing SAD in the Workplace

Tuesday October 30, 2007
If you have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (SAD), chances are good that having the disorder has affected your day-to-day functioning in the workplace. Office life can be an ... Read More

SAD and Your Career

Sunday October 28, 2007
For those diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (SAD), the thought of going on job interviews, attending staff meetings, or meeting with clients can bring on feelings of dread and fear. ... Read More

Networking for Introverts

Thursday October 25, 2007
Introverts are people who derive their energy from solitude and reflection rather than the company of others. Although introverts are not necessarily shy or social phobic, some of the ... Read More

Helping a Friend or Family Member Cope with Social Anxiety Disorder

Tuesday October 23, 2007
If a friend or family member has been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (SAD) you may be wondering how you can help. There are a number of specific actions that ... Read More

Sniff Away Fear?

Sunday October 21, 2007
Dr. Adam Guastella, a psychology researcher at the University of New South Wales, Australia, may have found a treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) in the unlikeliest of places. In ... Read More

Personal Stories

Thursday October 18, 2007
I think one of the most important things that we can do to increase awareness of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is to share personal experiences with the disorder. I would ... Read More

Tips for Parents of Socially Anxious Children

Tuesday October 16, 2007
As a parent of a child with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), you may find it challenging to balance the need to socialize your child with the desire to be protective ... Read More

Social Phobia: Interview with Dr. Murray Stein

Sunday October 14, 2007
I recently came across this excellent video hosted by Dr. David Granet and featuring Dr. Murray Stein, director of the Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders Research Center at the University ... Read More

Anxiety Disorders and Mental Health Services at College and University

Thursday October 11, 2007
In a 2007 report on mental health care at U.S. colleges and universities, the Anxiety Disorders Association of America reported the results of a survey of 83 schools across the ... Read More

Tips for Overcoming Speech Anxiety

Tuesday October 9, 2007
This article by Neil Morgan provides seven quick tips for combating speech anxiety. Preparation! Practice your speech 10, 20 or even 30 times. Lots of practice can create a great sense ... Read More

Paxil and Pregnancy

Monday October 8, 2007
Paxil (paroxetine) is a prescription medication commonly used in the treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). The FDA has issued two advisories specific to the use of Paxil during pregnancy: December ... Read More

Self-Help for SAD Not Enough

Thursday October 4, 2007
A recent study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry investigated the impact of self-help for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Two hundred and twenty-four people with severe generalized social phobia ... Read More

Treatment Options for Social Anxiety Disorder

Tuesday October 2, 2007
If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), you are probably wondering what your options are in terms of treatment. For more information ... Read More

An Ounce of Prevention

Monday October 1, 2007
Mental health issues are commonly dealt with at the time of a crisis. The depressed person is not treated until they attempt suicide, the substance abuser doesn't enter rehabilitation until ... Read More

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