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Arlin Cuncic

Social Anxiety Disorder August 2008 Archive


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Antibiotics Increase Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder

Wednesday August 27, 2008
Dr. Adam Guastella of the Brain and Mind Research Institute at the University of Sydney might be considered a pioneer in the treatment of social anxiety disorder (SAD). Guastella is ... Read More

Maternal Stress During Pregnancy and Social Anxiety Disorder

Saturday August 16, 2008
Michael Meaney, professor at McGill University in Montreal, Canada is set to investigate the impact of maternal stress during pregnancy on various physical and mental health problems, including social anxiety ... Read More

Is SAD Misunderstood?

Saturday August 9, 2008
If you have never suffered with social anxiety disorder (SAD), it may be difficult to understand what it is like to live with social fears. Or, SAD may be confused ... Read More

SAD and Jobs: A Follow-Up

Wednesday August 6, 2008
My post about jobs for people with SAD from last week generated some interesting comments. I agree that what you are ready to tackle on the job depends largely on ... Read More

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