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Arlin Cuncic

Social Anxiety Disorder February 2011 Archive


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Study Reveals Brain Changes After Group Therapy for SAD

Sunday February 27, 2011
A recent study conducted at McMaster University by doctoral candidate Vladimir Miskovic indicates that there are changes to the brain of people with social anxiety disorder (SAD) who undergo psychotherapy. ... Read More

On the Outside Looking In: My Life with Social Anxiety Disorder

Sunday February 20, 2011
"On the Outside Looking In - My Life with Social Anxiety Disorder" by Daniela Grazia is a first-hand account of what it is like to go through life with SAD. ... Read More

Alone on Valentine's Day

Sunday February 13, 2011
Valentine's Day. The holiday conjures up images of happy couples, thoughtful gifts, and special evenings out. It is a good day of the year for those that are in love; ... Read More

NKOTB Member Suffered with Anxiety

Saturday February 5, 2011
Ok, I admit it. I have a dark secret that has been haunting me for 20 years. It's not something I openly talk about unless pushed. But it's time to ... Read More

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