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Arlin Cuncic

Social Anxiety Disorder May 2011 Archive


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Vodka and Other Cures for Social Anxiety

Sunday May 29, 2011
Normally each week I take a standard topic about social anxiety and discuss it in a bit of detail. Not so this week. This week I am tackling a problem ... Read More

Prisoners of a Different Kind: The Difference Between Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety Disorder

Sunday May 22, 2011
Agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder (SAD) share some common symptoms but in other ways are very different. Agoraphobics fear being in places where escape would be difficult if they were ... Read More

Can Alcohol Be Used Responsibly by those with SAD?

Sunday May 15, 2011
If you suffer with social anxiety disorder (SAD), you probably feel inhibited in most social situations. Perhaps when you are with a "comfort person" you are able to be your ... Read More

5-HTT: The Happiness Gene

Sunday May 8, 2011
A new study reported in the Journal of Human Genetics shows that your genes play a role in how happy you are. Led by researcher Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, the team at ... Read More

Texting and Social Anxiety Disorder

Sunday May 1, 2011
Do you own a cell phone? Do you prefer voice calls or texting? A 2004 study published by the University of Plymouth in the UK studied the phone habits of two ... Read More

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