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Causes and Risk Factors of Social Anxiety Disorder

Wondering what causes Social Anxiety Disorder or who is most at risk? Both genetics and environment play a role in the development and maintenance of the disorder. Find out what research tells us about each of these factors.
  1. Genetic Factors (1)
  2. Psychosocial Factors (1)

What are the Causes of Social Anxiety Disorder?
A brief description of the underlying causes of Social Anxiety Disorder

What Causes Social Anxiety Disorder?
Facts for Health, a nonprofit organization created by the Madison Institute of Medicine provides this general fact sheet about the causes of Social Anxiety Disorder.

What is Cyber Bullying?
Are you concerned that your child is being cyber bullied? Here are some ideas about how you can help and prevent your child from becoming a victim.

The Effects of Bullying on Your Child with Social Anxiety
Not only is your child socially anxious but now he is being bullied at school. What are the long term effects of bullying and how can you help?

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