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Coping With Social Anxiety Disorder


Social anxiety disorder (SAD) can take a toll on your personal and professional life. Learn about strategies for coping with the disorder and how your friends and family can best support you.
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Work and School

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Living with social anxiety disorder can be difficult, particularly if you are attending college or are in the workforce. Read more to learn about how to effectively cope with SAD at work and at school.


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Whether they are with friends, family, or romantic partners, all of your relationships are affected when you suffer with SAD. Learn more about how to develop and maintain relationships, and how best others can help you cope.

Social Skills

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Social skills are the tools that will help you navigate social situations. Just like any other skill, social skills can be learned. Although not everyone with social anxiety disorder lacks social skills, many will benefit from social skills training in addition to medication or therapy.


Assertiveness is an important aspect of building social confidence. Learn how to become more assertive.


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Performing might include such activities as giving a speech, competing athletically, or playing a musical instrument. Learn how to perform in front of an audience without breaking into a cold sweat.

Special Occasions

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Special occasions might include birthdays, holidays and other special events. Learn how to manage social anxiety during special occasions.

Celebrities / Personal Stories

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Reading personal accounts of others' experiences with SAD can help you to feel less alone. Social anxiety is not limited to any one type of person -- even celebrities can suffer with SAD.


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Interviews with direct quotes from everyday people and celebrities are a fun way to learn more about the experiences others have with SAD.

Readers Respond

Looking to have your voice heard? Interested in sharing your experiences or reading those of others? Reader respond pieces are the perfect place to get involved.

Readers Respond

Here are some more reader respond articles for you to share your experiences and read about the stories of others.

Show and Tell

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Show and tell is a chance to describe to other readers how you did something related to your social anxiety. Perhaps you stumbled on a great coping strategy or lived through a terrible anxiety attack and have advice for others. Share your knowledge, experience and advice here.


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A variety of resources for social anxiety disorder.

Book Reviews

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A list of book reviews related to social anxiety disorder.

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