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Overview of Social Anxiety Disorder

Need to know the facts about Social Anxiety Disorder? Looking for a general overview? Read more to find out about the causes, prevalence and treatments of the disorder.

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?
A basic description of the features of Social Anxiety Disorder.

What is the Difference Between Social Phobia and Social Anxiety Disorder?
The terms social phobia and social anxiety disorder (SAD) are often used interchangeably to refer to the disorder currently known as SAD.

What Is the Difference Between Generalized and Specific Social Anxiety Disorder?
Social anxiety disorder may be generalized or specific - referring to the severity and pervasiveness of social fears.

Prevalence of Social Anxiety Disorder
The prevalence of social anxiety disorder in the United States is around seven percent of the population.

Myths About Social Anxiety
Social anxiety is a fear of real or imagined interpersonal evaluation in social and performance situations.

Social Anxiety Disorder: A Brief History of the Disorder
Are you wondering how social anxiety disorder (SAD) became a recognized psychiatric condition? Learn more in this brief timeline of the history of the disorder.

Overview of Social Anxiety Disorder
A good starting point for learning about Social Anxiety Disorder, this article briefly covers all of the key elements of the disorder including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

The Top Ten Things You Should Know About Social Anxiety Disorder
A Top 10 list of interesting and important facts about Social Anxiety Disorder. A good place to start to learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments of the disorder.

National Institute of Mental Health Information on Social Phobia
The National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH) is the largest research organization in the world dedicated to studying mental illness. The goal of the NIMH is to use research into the brain and behavior to help lessen the burden on those with mental illness. This link contains the NIMH Social Phobia information page with links to various resources.

From the Social Anxiety Institute: What is Social Anxiety?
Dr. Thomas Richards, Ph.D. is director of the Social Anxiety Institute, based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Social Anxiety Institute provides resources on anxiety as well as therapy groups for people with Social Phobia. This article provides a definition of social anxiety and options for treatment.

Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (SAD) you will want to arm yourself with information and become knowledgeable about the diagnosis and what it means to live with this problem. Understanding more about SAD is the first step on this path.

10 Advantages of Being Shy
Although shyness can make life difficult in many ways, it also has many advantages. Here are ten benefits of being shy that you may not have considered.

10 Things to Stop Doing
Are you looking to improve areas of your life including your physical health, mental health and general well-being? While positive actions can make a big difference in achieving your goals, sometimes it is just as important to stop doing certain things. Here is a comprehensive list of things you might want to stop doing to improve your life.

Cultural Differences in Social Anxiety Disorder
Cultural differences exist in the expression and prevalence of social anxiety disorder (SAD). Learn more about how different cultures experience social fears.

A List of Jokes, Puns and Funny Quotes About Social Anxiety
A list of jokes, puns and funny quotes about social anxiety.

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