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Social Anxiety Disorder: Related Conditions

If you have Social Anxiety Disorder you are more likely to have other related disorders as well. Learn how having this disorder can predispose you to problems with mood, eating, substance abuse and personality disorders.
  1. Avoidant PD (1)
  2. Eating Disorders (1)
  3. Mood Disorders (2)
  4. Other Anxiety Disorders (9)
  5. Substance Abuse Disorders (2)

Anxiety and Illness
Anxiety and illness often go hand-in-hand. Although we don't know whether anxiety contributes to physical illness or if physical illness results in anxiety, we do know that having both anxiety and physical illness makes each condition worse. Read more about the relationship between anxiety and illness.

What disorders usually go along with Social Anxiety Disorder?
There are several disorders that tend to go along with social anxiety disorder (SAD). Among the most common are other anxiety disorders, depression, and substance abuse.

Disorders Related to Social Anxiety Disorder
The disorders related to social anxiety disorder include other anxiety disorders, depression, alcohol abuse and eating disorders. If left untreated, SAD will often lead to the development of a secondary disorder.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder
Eating disorders overlap with social anxiety disorder (SAD) about 20 percent of the time. Learn about the overlap between these disorders and the implications for treatment. Attention deficit disorder is commonly diagnosed alongside social anxiety disorder (SAD). Learn more about the relationship between these two disorders.

Sexual Dysfunction and Social Anxiety Disorder
Sexual dysfunction is sometimes related to social anxiety disorder. Find out how these two problems overlap and how men and women differ when it comes to sexual dysfunction related to social anxiety.

Stuttering and Social Anxiety Disorder
Stuttering and social anxiety disorder (SAD) often involve many of the same symptoms. However, not everyone who stutters will also be diagnosed with SAD. Learn about the relationship between these disorders and how they are treated together.

Asperger's Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder
People with Asperger's Disorder suffer with many of the same social impairments as those with social anxiety disorder, but the causes of the impairments differ.

10 Things to Stop Doing
Are you looking to improve areas of your life including your physical health, mental health and general well-being? While positive actions can make a big difference in achieving your goals, sometimes it is just as important to stop doing certain things. Here is a comprehensive list of things you might want to stop doing to improve your life.

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