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ADAA Survey Results


Updated July 07, 2012

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Type of Study/What They Did:

This survey was conducted by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA). The survey was conducted online between December 11 to 17, 2007 by Harris Interactive, an online market research firm. Study participants included 287 people with SAD. Study participants were asked a variety of questions about the general impact of the disorder, impact on relationships (romantic, friendship, and professional) as well as their treatment history. Results of the study were weighted to reflect the same demographics as the U.S. population.

What They Found:

Over three quarters of survey respondents agreed that SAD had negatively affected their personal relationships, daily activities and professional life, and that they needed help managing the disorder. Over two-thirds said that they had avoided events, missed social opportunities, and had misunderstandings because of SAD, and that they felt alone and that noone understood.

About half of respondents reported worrying about their disorder, feeling that they had no control over their life, and feeling embarrassed by their SAD.

Just less than half of respondents felt that medication was necessary for recovery, and that they could not survive on their own. Ironically, half also had family who felt that SAD is something that should be overcome without outside help.

Less than a quarter of respondents felt that their doctor did not take them seriously.

Additional Survey Results

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What it Means for You:

SAD is a serious mental disorder that can have devastating effects on your personal, romantic and professional relationships. Despite what others may think or recommend, it is important to obtain professional advice if you believe that you suffer with SAD. This disorder cannot be effectively managed on your own without first receiving professional treatment.


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