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Social Anxiety Disorder and Work / School

People with Social Anxiety Disorder have trouble with work and school because of the social and performance requirements. With proper treatment the symptoms of the disorder can be managed in the workplace and the classroom.
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Social Anxiety Disorder and College/University
Are you dreading a class presentation that is months away, or petrified of making new friends on campus? If your social or performance anxiety is interfering with your life at college or university you may be suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Learn about how to get help.

Managing Social Anxiety Disorder in the Workplace
Social anxiety disorder (SAD) can have a serious impact on daily functioning in the workplace. Learn about some ways to help overcome the symptoms of social anxiety while moving up the corporate ladder.

Self Help for Social Anxiety During College
Attending college can be a particularly difficult time for students suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). This article from the University of Texas at Dallas Student Counseling Center contains tips for dealing with SAD while you are at college.

Afraid of Class Presentations? How to Overcome Performance Anxiety
This article provided by the Student Counselling Centre at the University of Toronto provides help for overcoming performance anxiety. Although directed at university students presenting in the classroom, the suggestions are useful for anyone with a fear of public speaking.

Test Anxiety Symptoms
Test anxiety symptoms include a range of physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms that interfere with test performance.

Test Anxiety
Test anxiety is a type of social anxiety in which fear about scrutiny by parents, teachers, and professors interferes with your ability to perform well in an exam situation. If you suffer from test anxiety, there are a number of coping strategies that you can employ. Below are ten tips to help you cope.

Teaching Students With SAD
Teaching students with SAD requires sensitivity to the special needs of students who suffer with anxiety in the classroom. Here are some tips for teachers who are faced with the challenge of teaching students with SAD.

Preparing Your Child With SAD for School
Preparing your child with SAD for school involves being available to discuss feelings, being a good role model, and communicating with your child's teacher. Here are some tips to help prepare your socially anxious child for school.

Tips for Teaching Teenagers With Social Anxiety Disorder
Teaching a teenager with social anxiety disorder can be more difficult than working with students who do not suffer from social anxiety. Learn about how to help the student with SAD cope in the classroom.

Teaching the Shy Child
Dr. Renee Gilbert, Ph.D. discusses techniques that teachers can use in the classroom to improve the experiences of children who are shy. Although children diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder will have more difficulties than children with simple shyness, many of the ideas she presents will be helpful for teachers in dealing with children with all levels of social anxiety.

Can Someone With SAD Qualify for Social Assistance?
People with social anxiety disorder may qualify for social assistance payments if their symptoms and severely disabling and interfere with functioning on a day-to-day basis.

The 10 Worst Jobs for People with Social Anxiety Disorder
A list of some of the most challenging jobs for people who suffer with social anxiety disorder.

School Violence and Social Anxiety Disorder
Blog posts discussing school shootings and common personality characteristics of the shooters.

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