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Social Anxiety Disorder: Treatment Options

Social Anxiety Disorder is very receptive to both medication and psychotherapy. In particular Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy has been shown to be highly effective in reducing symptoms. Read more about the various treatment options for SAD.
  1. Alternative Treatments (15)
  2. Medications for SAD (17)
  3. Self-Help (38)
  4. Therapy for SAD (31)

Can Social Anxiety Disorder be Cured?
You may be wondering whether treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) means that you will be cured of the disorder. Read more to find out about the long term prognosis for SAD.

What are the common treatments for Social Anxiety Disorder?
Curious to know the most common treatments for Social Anxiety Disorder? Learn more from this FAQ.

Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder - Experiences with Treatment fo…
Readers respond about the success that they have had with various kinds of non-medication treatment for social anxiety disorder.

A Brief Overview of Treatment Options for Social Anxiety Disorder
Various treatments have been shown to be effective in treating Social Anxiety Disorder. Learn about the two main forms of treatment: medication and Cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Unhelpful Thinking Styles
Unhelpful thinking styles, or inferential distortions as they are also called, are thought patterns that have the potential to cause negative emotions and behaviors. People who suffer with social anxiety disorder (SAD) often exhibit these negative thought patterns. One of the goals of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is to identify...

Signs You Need a New Doctor
Signs you need a new doctor for SAD may include issues of professionalism, expertise, and beside manner. Here are some reasons you may want to ask to see another doctor.

Tips to Prevent Relapse of Social Anxiety Disorder
It is important to maintain what you have learned in therapy if you want to prevent relapse of social anxiety disorder. Here are some tips to help stop social anxiety symptoms from returning.

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