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6 Social Anxiety Disorder Blogs Worth Visiting


Updated July 07, 2012

These social anxiety blogs focus on the lives and thoughts of the authors. While not authorities on social anxiety disorder (SAD), they are authorities on their own experiences with it. The blogs I have included have a strong personal voice, which helps make the stories come alive. Reading about others' experiences with social anxiety may help you cope with your own.

1. Working Through Social Anxiety Disorder / Social Phobia

This is an extremely personal blog written by a 40-something single guy suffering from social phobia. From stories about career problems to trouble getting up the courage to go to a baby shower, there is something of interest for everyone. He also has a good selection of links to other SAD blogs, articles, and support websites. And I love the nightscape on his intro page -- it really fits well with his tagline, "Welcome to the solitary world of a social phobic."

2. Shy and Quiet: Social Anxiety Disorder and Everyday Life

Drew, a 35-year-old, has been writing this blog about his experience with SAD since 2005. The blog covers many aspects of his personal life, including how he was bullied in school, worked 4 years for a corporation and eventually quit due to social anxiety, and subsequently fell into isolation and depression for a year before receiving help. Drew writes freely about his theories on the disorder and has many ideas about how to keep social anxiety from getting the better of him.

3. Beating Social Anxiety

Ileana writes about her experiences with social anxiety and her focus on therapy instead of medication for overcoming SAD. Although the blog has changed slightly from it's early focus, it is a good place to read about issues and topics surrounding SAD, and the archives are great for reading about Ileana's process of recovery.

4. The Day I Tried to Live

What this blog lacks in regular posts it makes up for in the depth of postings and the archives of thoughtful examinations of social anxiety.

5. Living With Social Phobia

This is one of those blogs that reads like a diary, and in doing so, draws you into the experiences of the author and leaves you wondering what comes next. As a result, this blog attracts comments from readers to which the author, "Nick," readily responds, making the diary come alive.

6. Diary of a Shy Black Woman

This blog is a little off-beat. It was started in 2006 by a woman about to turn 30 who wanted to overcome social anxiety. Early posts focus on this effort, while more recent posts have a more newsy feel to them. In addition to the blog, she hosts a radio talk show and a website. Unlike most blogs, this one can give you a bit of sensory overload with its colourful fonts displayed on a dark background and music cued up for the reader (just a heads up!)

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