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Reader Stories: What Triggers My Social Anxiety


Updated May 18, 2010

Social anxiety can be triggered by a variety of different situations and circumstances. Some people might become anxious when speaking to authority figures while another person might have the most difficulty speaking in front of a group. What triggers your social anxiety?

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Social Anxiety Triggered Because of Adoption Outside of Her Race

Well, I was adopted from an Asian country and lived in the US for a long time. So I am not used to being with my own race and culture. So when I see other Asians like me I get self conscious and can …More

Obsessing About Conversations After They Happen

I don't want them to think bad of me. That I have the wrong impression. That I missed an important fact and it changed the whole story. I wonder how they received my interaction. What is going throug…More


Coach - fear of needing the toilet/being sick etc not being able to escape without the entire bus knowing it's you that needs the bus to stop.Parties - 1:1 conversations, element of spotlight on you …More

Letting people down

I feel that letting other people down (serving people, for example) is a terrible thing for me to do. I know there are more important things in the world that I could be concerning myself with (thing…More

Other Women

Women are catty. I don't feel like I am as smart as them or make enough money as them or are as educated as them or are as thin as them. I don't know how to carry a conversation. They walk away from …More

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