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Reader Stories: My Worst Public Speaking Experience


Updated May 15, 2010

Public speaking is a fear of many; not just those with social anxiety disorder (SAD). However, those with SAD are more likely to experience severe anxiety before and during a public speaking engagement. Although some with the disorder will avoid public speaking altogether, others will suffer through the experience due to work or social obligations.

Now is your chance to share the story of your worst public speaking experience. Have you ever quit in the middle of a speech? Felt as though you were suffocating or blanked out? If so, this is your chance to tell your story and share what you learned as a result.

Dropped Class due to Public Speaking Experience

I was in my Western Civilization 101 class and the teacher called on me to read a single paragraph from the board. The room was dark and I was sitting in the front row with my back facing the rest of…More

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