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Readers Respond: How do you handle job interviews?

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Updated December 07, 2009

Job interviews can be challenging for those with SAD. How do you handle job interviews? For example, have you requested an initial phone interview, instead of one in person? Share your tips.

Odd but it works!

I have an anxiety disorder and ADD so getting through interviews has been really difficult for me. I tried every tip on interviewing and none seemed to work so I devised my own strategy - I do all of recommended things such as preparing well by researching companies etc.. dressing professionally, etc.. but I added something - I take on an attitude of indifference and tell myself "I don't care if I get this job - no big deal. It will be their loss if they don't hire me though. Hey it sounds crazy, but it has worked for me - I think because it helps me from making it so important that I am almost paralyzed with anxiety. The interview is one small part of my life and I am a good person with a great work ethic so I will persevere. I am going for my 3rd interview with the same place that I have previously interviewed with a year ago and 2 years before that! But I won't give up. This is a job I know I will be great at plus it offers good pay and benefits!
—Guest Susan

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