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Readers Respond: What is it like to live with SAD?

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Updated June 11, 2009

For people who don't have social anxiety disorder, it can be hard to understand what it is like to live with daily anxiety about social situations. This is your chance to share the one thing that you really wish you could tell other people about your life. What is it like to live daily with crippling anxiety? What do you wish you could tell everyone but that you know you never will?

Stuttering an anxiety

I have nobody in my life, every time I meet somebody they think I'm normal an once they have a conversation with me they think I'm weird. I have a speech impediment and every time I stutter I look away an look worried, I thinks it's weird as we'll. Idk what to do I want all the friends in the world, I like talking to people but I just can't get the words out the correct way an half the time I'm talking to someone I'm looking for my words. What's wrong with me
—Guest Robbie

I'm Always Terrified People Hates Me

whenever i meet somebody new, or i feel like i liked somebody am scared that they might not like me back. i feel like if i talk to them or if they hang out with me it is only because they wanna be nice to me and cause they pity me, so i back off and always leave and i never approach to them unless if they invite me. i never talk with them unless if they talk to me first, so i look like am shutting them out and trying to get rid of them which makes them wanna leave me alone. this is so frustrating
—Guest Scared

Why am I the way I am?

I don't know what it is, but I do suffer from a complex sort of anxiety. I've always had fear in the back of my mind, and it's always been there controlling me. That's how I feel anyway. As long as I can remember, I've always been afraid of opening myself up to people because of the fear I had of not being accepted. But, it also goes deeper than that. I think what worried me the most was never being able to stand up for myself. Even though there were times where I'd want to stand up for myself, I was afraid of never being able to do it, afraid of being alone, afraid of never being accepted or acknowledged. I guess the root of all this was when I was younger and I moved from my home town to another city in Virginia. I wasn't very much for change then and now, so as you would guess, I didn't fit in very well. I think because of watching how my parents where, I also grew up with the fear of it. So, when I moved, I didn't know how to handle the change. Now I'm afraid of everything I don't
—Guest ブライヤン

You're not alone

I use to be social around old friends I grew up with.. Which I choose not to socialize with anymore for personal problems. Lets just say its really hard to trust people. Anyways, now I just stay home everyday and when I do have to go out to a gas station or anywhere, If there are people at the store my heart starts to race, I start sweating and I feel like people notice So It can be pretty awkward. I recommend you see a professional that can prescribe you Xanax or the generic kind which is called Alprozalam 0.25 round white ones won't do anything. What works for me are the 1MG round blue pills. They relax you and you won't feel the anxiety 20-30 minutes after taking it. I hope this helps but what sucks is I don't have a prescription, I get it from friends, neighbors or family. And when I don't have this medication the anxiety stays the same. I wish you all the best and hope this helps. Oh and no mixing this medication with alcohol, it will make you do things you usually won't do.
—Guest Dayna

Not Accepted

It's actually a really hard challenge for me, people always misunderstood me, I always give an unintentional negative energy to my surroundings, have been dumped by a lot of girls I want.. people thinks im fake or insincere but deep inside I do care a lot for everybody, and I hate talking negative about people because I know how it felt... I've got a lot of worries in my life, that I might not be able to find a wife or being fired from a job because of my social anxiety... I have been trying to fix this for years, there are times that Im good and there are times that i'm not.. often times this depressed me and make me feel hopeless, worthless or it felt like i have a disability...
—Guest Kevin

I don't know what's true...

Everytime I walk around where there's a lot of people I feel this sudden nervousness and embarrassment. I feel like everyone's looking at the way I walk, my clothes, my face... Everything. It feels like they stare and judge (probably happy that they're not me). I do have days when I feel amazing! But then there's those days that I feel like complete trash... As if I'm not good enough for life. :-( it sucks so bad! And just thinking about it upsets me even more to the point where I just want to end it all :( ugh! Sometimes I wish I was a bit more confident... :-(
—Guest Joel J

Social Anxiety

I have formed this opinion towards myself about my eyes. Basically i think its something wrong with them so i squint and strain my eyes. I am always being quite and to myself all the time. This may be because I'm not willing to accept my sexuality. Or something idk but it's getting real out of hand. People laugh every time I'm in front of them. I dont speak to people because of that particular reason. Dont know what else to do..
—Guest Spencerg23


Can't believe how many people have th same problems as me. I'm a 26 y/o guy n have always had trouble relaxing around girls and trying to be mates with people. I always try to hide how scared in social situations I am but it stops me being myself and connecting with people. Everyone should have good self esteem but its ok of you don't. I always put too much pressure on myself to boost my confidence cos its stopping me living but I think now its really th other way round. I'm just trying to take pressure off & notice my good points. I think its ok to be quiet or shy, you just need to find similar people. So many comments, imagine if we were all in the same room, don't think there would be anyone not talking.. I think the most important thing is to be who you are. If you're shy at parties or self conscious don't put too much pressure on yourself. Aim to be comfortable for 75-80% of the week and get out of your comfort zone the other 20 or 25%. You're not a loser & neither am I :)


I don't know why I'm so scared of people I just tend to avoid them. I hate that about myself. I am too scared to talk to them, I ask my family to do it for me.
—Guest Name

I am always afraid

I was all aright, outgoing and always with friends but things changed when i came to college. I am always in my room and cant find to go outside and socialise. I am unable to talk in class or present: during group work i never speak. I dont know wats wrong with me. Fear seems to contro my life. i have this terrible fear that is preventing me from being myself. I am self conscious and always assume people dislike me. I want this to stop
—Guest Anonymous

It Eats You Inside

Im 14 and in 10th grade.Social anxiety gets to me sometimes.I have no friends.Never had a girlfriend.I feel like people look at me and judge me by the way I dress.I get nervous when im in public feel like people are staring at me.In school kids approach me but I don't know what to say I feel like im the school freak or weirdo I wish they get to know the real me.I'm not like this in my home.I feel like such an outcast to the world.Right now im writing a book about social anxiety.I want it to be in school libary's so that kid could be aware of this.Beacuse I to see kids in my school with S.A.D
—Guest Jocelyn

really awkward

I really think there's something wrong with me. It seems like a mixture of ADD and SAD, but more SAD. I cannot function properly when I have to be around lots of people, which makes school complete hell for me. On top of that, I don't learn anything because I am too busy worrying that everyone is thinking I am a complete weirdo. I also can't do anything in public without feeling like a fool, and I always over-analyze everything. For example, if I got off the bus and said thank you to the driver, I would spend ages wondering if I sounded stupid and thinking 'What if they were all laughing at me?'. I hate it, its like I'm trapped in my own body, unable to speak to anyone properly or express my opinion. Another thing is that I cannot speak to anyone if they are sitting next to me, I don't know why, I just hate people being really close to me, especially if I don't know them that well. I don't know what to do about any of this, and I really hope it will wear off a bit as I get older. I do
—Guest Gemma

To Everyone Who Posted Here

Hang in there. Just want to send you all hugs and love and encouragement.
—Guest MamaPat

Sucks to be alone and have no one.

I feel the same way like many other people that made comments here, and as a man that is trying to meet a good woman is very extremely hard for me right now since many women today are very stuck up and hard to meet. And I'm not a bad man at all, and I would know how to treat women very well.
—Guest Sad But Very True

I don't know what's wrong with me

I looked at the dates these were written and I know I'm late but oh well. Anyway. I'm 14- about to be 15. I THINK I have SAD... I'm not sure. Whenever I walk through the store, I shake, and walk quickly while looking at the floor. I always feel like the people around me are judging me, and looking down on me. I'm homeschooled because I was so sick of everyone and everything. I have no desire to leave the house, or talk to what little friends I have. I'm also constantly thinking about myself (like someone else said) and not in a cocky way. I always think stuff like, "Am I the only one who does this this way?" "Why am I like this?" "I think there's something wrong with me." "God I'm ugly, do other people think so too?" Etc. I talk to myself a lot, which makes me think I'm crazy. Whenever someone says to be yourself, I don't really know how. I don't think I know who I am... When I look in the mirror, I just feel so much disgust and hatred. What's wrong with me?
—Guest Blue
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