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Readers Respond: How do you handle writing in front of other people?

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Updated August 25, 2011

Some people who have social anxiety fear writing in front of other people. You might fear that others will notice your hand shaking as you write. This fear can affect your daily life, from signing checks and credit card receipts to filling out forms. Has this been a problem for you? How do you cope?

phobia of writing im front pf others

Everytime I write in front of other people my hand start to tremble and can't move...
—Guest alger santos

Shaky Hands

Shaking hands is one of the biggest symptoms of anxiety I have. It's not just a problem when writing, but also when I greet someone or I am handing something to someone. When the situation allows, I often place my hands in my pockets to hide the trembling.
—Guest Bobby


For me, shaking hands is constant and unavoidable :(
—Guest Zylvajake

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