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Sekimen-Kyofu is the fear of blushing in Japan and Korea.


Jikoshu-Kyofu is the fear of giving off bad odours in Japan and Korea.

10 Advantages of Being Shy

Although shyness can make life difficult in many ways, it also has many advantages. Here are ten benefits of being shy that you may not have considered.

Ten Ways to Have More Confident Body Language

A list of ten ways to improve your body language so that you appear more confident.

Ten Body Language Mistakes You Might Be Making

A list of ten body language mistakes that you might be making if you have social anxiety disorder.

Ten Tips to Understand Dating Body Language

Ten tips to understand dating body language and decide if your date is interested in you.

Ten Tips to Appear More Approachable With Body Language

Ten tips to help you appear more approachable by changing your body language.

Five Tips to Better Understand Facial Expressions

Tips to better understand the emotions of others by reading their facial expressions.

Tips to Understand Body Language

Some basic tips to help decode the body language of those around you.

A Quick Guide to Understanding and Improving Body Language

A list of seven articles about a variety of body language topics including how to appear more confident, ten mistakes you might be making, and how to spot a liar.

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