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Is Your Doctor Helping or Hurting You?

By January 16, 2011

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One of the most difficult things for people with social anxiety disorder (SAD) to do is seek help. Making an appointment with a doctor, going for the appointment, and talking about symptoms are all situations likely to elicit the anxiety that you are trying to eliminate.

In the best case scenario, the doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist that diagnoses or treats you is empathetic and respectful. This is especially important when you have SAD. Feeling understood and listened to will make it easier for you to trust and be open.

What happens when your doctor is not empathetic or respectful?

Many problems emerge when someone with SAD visits a doctor with poor bedside manner.

  • If your doctor is arrogant, you may feel inferior.

  • If your doctor doesn't listen to you, you may feel as though you are not worth being listened to.
  • If your doctor dismisses your symptoms, you may start to believe they are not really a problem.

The person who is treating your social anxiety should not make you feel uncomfortable. If this is happening to you, it is time to ask for a referral.

What do you think? Have you had bad experiences trying to get help for SAD? How did you handle bad experiences with doctors?

This post is part of a blog carnival about the impact of doctor's attitudes on patient care, hosted by the Guide to Patient Empowerment, Trisha Torrey.

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January 23, 2011 at 9:23 pm
(1) pkd88 says:

I love my therapist.

I think she has helped me immensely but I do admit it has been very slow and at times painful.

The one thing that I have not figured out is that I seem to have floating conditions. Sometimes it is SAD, other times GAD, and sometimes Panic issues.

I dunno, perhaps that is just the issue of the week :)

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