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Best SAD Website - Readers' Choice Awards 2012

Winner and Finalists


Updated April 02, 2012

Here are the winner and four finalists in the category "Best SAD Website."

1. Winner: SA-UK

Social Anxiety UK is a non-profit Website established in 2000 to increase awareness, provide support, and offer information about social anxiety and related issues. The site includes success stories, listings of therapy options in the UK, chat rooms and a forum. Membership is available to anyone over 18 coping with social anxiety or severe shyness.

2. SAD at About.com

The social anxiety disorder Website at About.com offers a variety of resources for those suffering with SAD including articles, quizzes, and reader stories. A weekly newsletter is available as well as a member forum. Topics on the site include diagnosis, causes, treatments, and skills for coping with SAD.

3. Social Anxiety Support

Social anxiety support (SAS) was originally a set of message boards for people suffering with social anxiety disorder. The website now offers literature about SAD and treatment options.

4. Social Phobia World

Social Phobia World is a set of message boards for the discussion of social anxiety disorder. The Website has more than 10,000 members and is a popular spot for those with SAD to ask questions and share problems.

5. The Social Phobic

"The Social Phobic" is a blog written by a UK resident about his experiences dealing with social anxiety disorder and the impact that it has had on his daily life.

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