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Coping with Social Anxiety Disorder

Interested in learning how to cope with the effects of Social Anxiety Disorder? Looking for answers about how to get help for yourself or for loved ones? Read more to learn about coping strategies for SAD.
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Personal Stories About Social Anxiety
Personal stories about social anxiety are powerful tools for sharing experiences and finding out that you are not alone. Below is a list of "reader respond" articles about different topics related to social anxiety. This is your chance to share your thoughts and read what others have to say.

Phone Phobia
Phone phobia is the fear of making or receiving telephone calls. This problem can interfere with daily functioning in your personal and professional lives if not treated.

When Phone Fear Is Something More
Phone fear that is a true phobia can be treated using CBT techniques such as cognitive restructuring and exposure training. Coping strategies are also helpful to manage this fear.

Fear of Eating in Front of Others
Fear of eating in front of others is common among those with social anxiety disorder. Learn more about this type of anxiety and how it is treated.

How to Practice Exposure Therapy for the Fear of Eating in Front of Others
Exposure therapy for the fear of eating in front of others is one method that you can use on your own to overcome your phobia. Learn how to carry out the steps of exposure therapy in a self-help model for this fear.

Avoidance Behaviors
Avoidance behaviors are things that a person with an anxiety disorder does to cope with feared situations.

Practice Exposure Therapy for Paruresis
Paruresis, also known as shy bladder, can be improved through the use of self-help strategies for exposure. Learn more about how to enlist the help of a partner to gradually overcome your fear.

Tips for Living With Social Anxiety Disorder
Living with Social Anxiety Disorder can be an ongoing challenge. Here are some tips to help you cope.

Review a Book About Social Anxiety Disorder
Write your own review of books about social anxiety disorder.

Review a Self-Help Progam for Social Anxiety Disorder
Users provide reviews of the best and worst self-help programs for social anxiety disorder.

Beat Social Phobia with Andrew Johnson
Beat Social Phobia with Andrew Johnson is a guided audio program compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Read the review of this app and submit your own review.

A Day in the Life of Someone With Social Anxiety Disorder
This is what a day in the life of someone with social anxiety disorder (SAD) might look like.

A Personal Story of Social and Performance Anxiety
A story about performance anxiety from the About.com Guide to social anxiety disorder.

10 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself if You Have Social Anxiety Disorder
If you suffer with social anxiety there are probably some things that you do that do not help to improve your situation. Here are 10 things to stop doing to yourself if you have SAD.

Anxiety Coach by Mayo Clinic
Anxiety Coach by Mayo Clinic is a self-help program employing the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy for use on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Read the review of this app and submit your own review.

Social Anxiety Forums Worth Visiting
Social anxiety forums are places where those with social anxiety disorder can openly discuss issues and questions. Popular forums are a great place to connect with those who may have problems similar to yours. In addition, forums can be a place to learn from the experiences of others. Take a look around each of these forums and you will see that the social anxiety supportive community is alive, v…

How to Practice Guided Imagery
Guided imagery is a relaxation technique that focuses on visualization. By visualizing images of a serene and relaxing environment, the body, in turn, enters a relaxed state. Guided imagery is often used in combination with other relaxation techniques as part of treatment for anxiety disorders.

How to Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing

Coping With Social Anxiety During the Holidays
Do holiday parties and family gatherings fill you with anxiety? Are you feeling particularly lonely during the festive season? For people with social anxiety disorder (SAD), the holidays can be a stressful time of year. Here are some tips to help manage social anxiety during the holidays.

Jamie Blyth
Khalil Greene is a shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals who was placed on the disabled list in 2009 because of social anxiety disorder. Jamie Blyth was a contestant on the first season of the reality television show "The Bachelorette". Although not revealed at the time, Jamie was fighting a battle with social anxiety disorder.

Gift Ideas for Someone With SAD

When choosing a gift for someone with social anxiety disorder (SAD), your decision will likely be influenced by how well you know the person. What might be appropriate for a close friend or family member may not suit a coworker. Below are some gift suggestions. In general, look for items that help to increase confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, or bring you and the other person closer.

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